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Sanatio Naturalis

Sanatio Naturalis

Sanatio Naturalis prides itself on creating the most luxurious essential oils, beauty oils and floral waters, based on the healing properties of nature. Perfect for aromatherapy, the deep fragrances are just what us busy women need to unwind. The brand searches for the most exquisite raw materials, taking care to source the purest plants and ingredients for their amazing properties. The geranium comes from Egypt, the rose is cultivated in Bulgaria, the lavender is sourced from France, the lemon is harvested in southern Italy and the Frankincense is sourced from Somalia. All of Sanatio Naturalis’ products are free from synthetic colours and fragrances. We’re obsessed!

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  1. Essential Oils Lavender
    Sanatio Naturalis Essential Oils Lavender
  2. Essential Oils Sweet Orange
    Sanatio Naturalis Essential Oils Sweet Orange
  3. Essential Oils Tea Tree
    Sanatio Naturalis Essential Oils Tea Tree

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