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We take wellness very seriously here at Pink Parcel - it goes hand-in-hand with our mantra of empowering your mind and body. Browse our selection of aromatherapy, detox and de-stress products to help manage daily life with a little more ease. Wellbeing means many things - raising a smile, a good night’s sleep, an uplifting book or a relaxing face mask. While we’re always aiming to offer up a daily dose of great reads and laughs via our Pink Thinks blog, the more practical side of wellbeing needs a little helping hand from some of our favourite well-known brands, and some award-winning newcomers, too. So invest in that candle, curl up with a good read and lather on that face product - we’re here to help.

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  1. Essential Oils Rosehip
    Sanatio Naturalis Essential Oils Rosehip
  2. Simple Ceramic Wax Melt Burner
    Emily Victoria Candles Simple Ceramic Wax Melt Burner
  3. Boozy Box Mini Melt Box
    Emily Victoria Candles Boozy Box Mini Melt Box
  4. Essential Oils Jojoba
    Sanatio Naturalis Essential Oils Jojoba
  5. More Scents Available Wax Bar
    Emily Victoria Candles Wax Bar
  6. Be Happy Travel Gift
    Scentered Be Happy Travel Gift

1-12 of 27 products

per page